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Screenwriting To Story Artist

Without a good story you have nothing to shoot or animate. The technology for digital filmmaking is getting so simple to use, that now the big challenge is coming up with a story millions of people will want to watch.

Take your story or film idea through MyFlik's Story Engine.

You may then want to check out the YouTube channel link below for more lessons. Get the Writing A Great Script Fast DVD Workshop or Workbook to finish your script.

Please see MyFlik's YouTube channel for 30+ film school videos.

Story skills are becoming more and more important, and this area is worth studying if you are serious about wanting to make your own films, TV shows, animations or video games. Once you learn how to tell great stories, you can create one whenever a project pops up or fix one that is not working.

MyFlik is all about making low budget digital films with great stories. This section features new online movies from the 20 hour DVD Workshop Writing A Great Script Fast and some articles on how to become a professional Pixar level Story Artist.

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

- Albert Einstein


Character Identification Made Easy

How do you get your audience to really care about your characters? When an audience relates strongly to a film, they are identifying some aspect of themselves with the characters they see on the screen. More Info

Adding Film Puzzles
How can you add a puzzle idea to your story for the audience to solve? Modern audiences like to play an interactive role sometimes when watching a film trying to figure out what is going on and why - this draws them into your story and makes them want to keep watching.
40 Plot Points For A Feature Film
Use these 40 plot points as a guide to write your own feature films. Based on the film Star Wars, but found in many films in slightly different forms, such as Finding Nemo. If you write 2-3 pages for each of the 40 plot points you will end up with an 80-120 minute screenplay or film. More Info
Thinking In Reversals
Once you understand how scene reversals work in a film, you will start to construct each plot point of your story around them thinking in reverse.
94 Minute Online Story Engine Class
If you want to learn more about becoming a Story Artist take your film idea through the free step-by-step online story engine. You can watch it as one long 94 minute movie on in 20 steps. More
Visualizing Your Story
What is the mindset of a screenwriter or story artist when coming up with their best ideas?

"If you are not happy every morning when you get up, leave for work, or start to work at home - if you're not enthusiastic about doing that, you are not going to be successful."

– Donald Kendall

Watch some sample movies below from the online Story Engine on Storytelling Goals, Creating Themes and Using Symbols and Metaphors. These short films are samples from the new 20 hour step-by-step "Writing A Great Script Fast" DVD Workshop.

Follow along and create a great film or story idea fast! Download the Workbook PDF file or DOC file to edit. You can also use a notebook or paper and the Online Workbook to watch it in 20 Steps.



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