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Writing A Great Script Fast Makes Screenwriting Easy!

Updates: New USB Sticks with the 20 videos are now shipping. Workbook still comes as book. If you still want 20 DVDs, that are slightly higher resolution, email me after you order. New videos on YouTube from Workshop. Video downloads, Workbooks and individual DVDs are now available on!

22 Hour Class
317 Page Workbook
70% Off
$99 Sale!

Download Nutshell Sample Workbook: PDF|DOC or use the Online Workbook with a notebook to develop a basic film idea fast.

Library Versions? Ask your Librarian to order a DVD workshop today! Click here on Amazon and scroll to the bottom of list and "Add All" to get the "Writing A Great Script Fast" DVD Workshop, and the reference book "Developing Digital Short Films" (2004 New Riders/ Peachpit / Pearson). YouTube Channel

Do You Want To Learn How To Write A Great Script Fast?

Story is the hardest thing to learn for most digital filmmakers or animators these days since the technology has become so inexpensive and easy to use. How would you like to write a great script in about 24 hours, while learning almost everything you need to know to tell brilliant visual stories for the rest of your life?

Write A Great Script From Start To Finish Fast!

Check out the new Hero Journey sample video class above, or watch a free online 94 minute sample story class in 20 Steps. How long do you want to spend writing your script? Some say it takes at least a year for a great feature script. Maybe you need to spend a year reading a bunch of screenwriting books first or go to film school? Or you could do this fun 20 hour DVD story workshop and write a great script super fast. This DV story workshop is now being used in 1000's of schools all over the world to teach students how to write great stories for films!

First Person To Buy Writing A Great Script Fast Sells Screenplay For $600,000!

Way to go! Read about his screenplay deal and more here.

Updates: New USB Sticks now shipping! By request these sticks contain 20 MP4 videos on an 8MB stick. Workbook still comes as a book and there are some typos, that cannot be fixed, due to some uneditable text. There are also some known audio issues with these 20 video files. You can always hear what I am saying, but sometimes the volume changes between sections. This problem was not discovered until the final cut. Apologies for the less than perfect audio, but this is still a great writing workshop for the value. Good luck with your story!

USB Stick

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DVD 1: Introduction & Basic Story Structure: Learn what other subjects you need to be studying to become a great filmmaker, animator or visual storyteller and why. The basics of three act structure stories are covered including plot, character and theme. (69 min) Watch Sample

1. Introduction
2. Other Areas To Study
3. Story Goals
4. Story Basics
5. Plot, Theme & Character


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DVD 2: Brainstorming For Story Ideas: Follow along with a step-by-step process to come up with the perfect film or story ideas for you! This DVD can be used whenever you need to come up with lots of ideas fast. (68 min) Watch Sample

1. Themes In Films
2. Characters
3. Settings
4. Story Flavors/Genres
5. Favorite Subjects
6. Digital Filmmaking
7. Final Story Ideas
8. Adaptations
9. Adding Plot Goals
10. Adding Theme
11. Attaching Antagonists
12. Final Story Pitch


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DVD 3: Creating Original Characters: Take the final story idea you came up with and develop your characters. Learn over 28 character identification techniques to hook your audience emotionally during the first five minutes and see how Pixar does it in Finding Nemo. (63 min) Watch Sample

1. Active Characters
2. Character Goals
3. Conflicting Goals
4. Character Identification
5. Finding Nemo Identification



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DVD 4: Character History: Take the main characters in your story idea and turn them into believable, emotionally complex beings whom audiences will identify with and love to watch. Learn how to create strong contrasting character trait sets for your entire cast to create emotional fireworks. (54 min) Watch Sample

1. Character History
2. Universal & Unique Traits
3. Character Psychology
4. Character Fears
5. Backstory
6. Hard Choices
7. Contradictions
8. Revealing Reactions
9. Character Traits
10. Finding Nemo Character Traits


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DVD 5: Metaphors & Symbols: Learn how a picture is really worth a 1000 words using metaphors and symbols to create an original visual language for your film. (72 min) Watch Sample

1. Symbol Types
2. Symbolic Colors
3. Symbolic Words
4. Symbolic Settings
5. Symbolic Characters
6. Symbolic Lighting
7. Symbolic Staging
8. Symbolic Fables
9. Symbolic Meanings
10. Symbolic Animals


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DVD 6: Symbolic Story Elements: Learn how to tell visual stories using images, sounds, actions, objects, settings, lighting, color and gestures. 100's of metaphors and symbols are explored as you pick symbol sets to tell your own story. (53 min) Watch Sample

1. Symbolic FX Creatures
2. Symbolic Plants
3. Symbolic Objects
4. Symbolic Occupations
5. Symbolic Weather
6. Symbolic Combinations
7. Symbolic Numbers
8. Symbolic Character States
9. Backstory Symbols
10. Symbolic Nature Shots


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DVD 7: Symbolic Story Themes: Learn how to weave a symbolic visual theme, hidden message or controlling idea into your film or story. (50 min) Watch Sample

1. Case Study: The Sopranos
2. Symbolic Themes
3. Case Study: Fire Walk With Me
4. Symbolic Film Puzzles
5. - + Theme Charges
6. Final Theme Symbols


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DVD 8: Drama & Hero Journey Plots: Learn how to construct strong plots with great story structure every time. (74 min) Watch Sample

1. Plot Point Introduction
2. Dramas
3. Character Arcs
4. Character Changes
5. Character Arc Symbols
6. Postmodern Arcs
7. Hero Journey
8. Symbolic Quest Objects


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DVD 9: Other Types Of Plot: How can you mix and match other plot structures for your film or scenes? (60 min) Watch Sample

1. Tragedy
2. Documentary
3. Mockumentary
4. Personal Anthology
5. City Symphony
6. Ensemble


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DVD 10: Plot Twists, Goals & Endings: Learn 1000's of ways to make your story feel like an emotional roller coaster ride and how to craft a thrilling climax ending. (60 min) Watch Sample

1. Science Fiction
2. Mad Lib Plots
3. Storytelling Shells
4. Surprise Endings
5. Adding Plot Twists
6. POV Plot Twists
7. Goal Endings
8. High Stakes Goals
9. Hard Choices
10. Extra Twist Endings
11. False Endings
12. Three Climaxes


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DVD 11: Setups & Short Film Plot Points: Learn how to use setups and payoffs, and how to tell a great story in a short film or scene. Several famous short films are deconstructed. (56 min) Watch Sample

1. Best/Worst Plot Flips
2. Setups & Payoffs
3. Short Film Plot Points
4. Case Study: Lily & Jim
5. Case Study: The Last Supper
6. Case Study: Transit



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DVD 12: Feature Plot Points & Symbolic Settings: How easy would it be to write a feature script if you had a 40 plot point guide? The classic film Star Wars is broken down into 40 plot points then later used to show how the same type of structure applies to many other films such as Finding Nemo on DVD 13. Take each of your 40 plot points and attach a symbolic setting to help tell your story visually. (60 min) Watch Sample

1. 40 Feature Plot Points
2. Symbolic Settings


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DVD 13: Treatments & Finding Nemo 40 Points: Learn how to take your 40 plot points and write a solid treatment for a script. Have you ever wanted to create a Pixar level story? Watch as Finding Nemo is deconstructed using the 40 plot points in a variety of different ways. (65 min) Watch Sample

1. Writing A Treatment
2. Finding Nemo 40 Plot Points


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DVD 14: Adding Conflict: The amount of conflict in a film usually determines the level of audience interest in your story. Take your story idea and add layers upon layers of different forms of conflict and obstacles to each plot point. Scene shapes for controlling pacing and transitional scenes are also explored. (51 min) Watch Sample

1. Play Let’s Make It Worse
2. Scene Worksheets
3. Lingering Conflicts
4. Emotional Scene Arcs
5. Story Pacing
6. Transitional Scenes


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DVD 15: Scene Reversals: Learn how to create individual scenes that really pop with suspense, surprises, shocks and emotions using 100's of scene reversal techniques. (59 min) Watch Sample

1. Exciting Scenes
2. Scenes Reversals
3. Case Study: History Of Violence
4. Case Study: Finding Nemo
5. 200+ Scene Reversal Ideas
6. Not Giving Them What They Want


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DVD 16: Plot Weaving: How to construct well woven plots with great story structure is explored along with adding a layer of emotional subtext beneath each individual scene. (65 min)

1. Repeating Elements
2. Foreshadowing
3. Coincidences
4. Dramatic Irony
5. Revelations
6. Subtext


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DVD 17: Real Dialogue & Monologues: How can you make your dialogue sound real and be super powerful emotionally? 10 basic types of monologue approaches are also covered. (44 min)

1. Subplot Symbols
2. Writing Dialogue
3. Speech Patterns
4. Top 10 Overused Lines
5. Are you an actor?
6. Monologue Types
7. Monologue Approaches


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DVD 18: Suspense: Learn 100's of techniques for adding layers upon layers of nail biting suspense to every scene in your story. Modern audiences like lots of suspense in each scene. (70 min) Watch Sample

1. 200+ Suspense Ideas


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DVD 19: Humor & Screenwriting: Learn 100's of techniques for adding humor and funny moments to you film. Layer these ideas into each scene. How to write a final script is also covered, along with the 30 second short film plot structure. (59 min) Watch Sample

1. 200+ Humor Ideas
2. The 30 Second Film
3. Writing The Script
4. Final Script


94 Minute Nutshell Sample Version DVD: Writing A Great Script Fast In A Nutshell: Try out the 20 hour DVD workshop by using this Nutshell sample version now online for free. (94 min) Watch Free Online!

1. Brainstorming For Story Ideas
2. Developing Characters
3. Adding Twists & Plot Points
4. Metaphors & Symbols
5. Setups & Payoffs
6. Suspense Tips
7. Four Basic Types of Conflict
8. Humor Tips



Follow along in your Writing A Great Script Fast Workbook with the DVD classes to create a great script or story fast! After each of the sections listed above, you answer questions about your story in the WAGSF Workbook to plan the invisible narrative structure. This Workbook contains 1000's of brainstorming techniques to keep the ideas flowing at each stage, presented in a simple step-by-step universal visual story blueprint. A new version of the Writing A Great Script Fast Workbook is now available on It is a little longer than the original workbook at 317 pages printed in an 8 x 10 inch soft cover book.

Check out a sample of the Free Online WAGSF Workbook

Buy New WAGSF Workbook On!

What are people saying about "Writing A Great Script Fast?"

"This is most useful screenwriting class I have ever seen with so many ideas presented in an easy to understand way. It truly is a new way to learn how to write a great script fast." - David S., Filmmaker, New York, NY

"Writing A Great Script Fast is hands down the best screenwriting class ever. If you do not have literally years to spend taking classes and reading books about screenwriting, then this workshop is for you. I would recommend it highly to any writers looking to rise up to a more professional level fast." - Michael C., Screenwriter, LA, CA

"Creative blasting powder!" - Sid, Writer, Baton Rouge, LA

"This is exactly the way I like to learn, and I'm really enjoying this DVD workshop.  I can't imagine anyone who wants to be a screenwriter not finding this visual training to be ideal. " - Sandra, Teacher/Writer, CA

"Writing A Great Script Fast has really helped me in shaping my ideas.  Both on the macro level for story, and on the micro level for creating engaging scenes." - Bruce, Screenwriter, LA, CA

"I went to film school and they did not teach the subjects you are teaching. Now that I am making a film, I understand how important it is to know how to tell a visual story at every stage of production. Writing A Great Script Fast is the best way to learn screenwriting that I have seen." - Jason, Animator, Canada

"This DVD Workshop should be required in every school for any kid or adult who wants to make a living writing novels or movie scripts. Without this type of information they will be lost." - John G., Writer, New Jersey

"Took my old screenplay idea through the whole 20 hour Writing A Great Script Fast process and now it is finally ready to shoot. Thank you for sharing this information." - Joel S., Brooklyn, NY

"This is the only start to finish screenwriting class that gives you tips every few minutes on how to make the film yourself using low budget digital tools. Just watching the DVD's gives me hundreds of ideas on how to create low budget animations and films. The story structure information alone has given me the confidence to direct a team of people through a long filmmaking process. " - Andrew L., Filmmaker, London, UK

“Let me begin by stating that I am a produced writer with another film in development. Two of my other screenplays have been optioned.

I watched several of the DVDs and read the workbook and found them both to be packed with useful information that writers at any stage of their career can benefit from.

Perhaps what is most useful is the number of ideas that the course gives to stimulate your own imagination. It helps you come up with great ideas for stories and helps you to develop well-rounded characters and more interesting plots. For example, one of my favorite sections so far is the list of 142 plot twists that you can adapt for your own story. Any one of them, well-employed, can set your story off in a new and exciting direction. Imagine if you used a few more.

The course covers so many of the essential elements of writing a great script: coming up with story ideas, creating memorable characters, how to effectively use the three act structure, where to place the major beats of your story (something that producers look for) and so much more.

I highly recommend this course. That's all for now. I want to go watch another one of the videos.”

- Danek Kaus, Silicon Valley, CA


"Writing A Great Script Fast" is now being used to teach story to filmmakers, animators and writers all over the world! The countries now using this workshop to teach story include 1000's of schools in the US, China, Singapore, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, France, Japan, Ireland and Italy. This new 20 hour DV story workshop seems to connect best with the college crowd and above, but some high schools are using it for their advanced students with great success. Teachers in many schools are forming study groups, between the digital media and English departments, going through the workshop together as a career development project, then teaching it to their students across departments as the new way to create engaging stories!

A big thanks to everyone who is already using the workshop! The feedback has been amazing. is now selling this DVD workshop and it costs about $410 to buy it in parts depending on shipping costs. The difference is that if you buy it from Amazon, you get 19 DVDs with color printed cases and color printed DVD faces. The Writing A Great Script Fast Workbook from Amazon is a 317 page printed 8 x 10 inch book. If you buy the Workshop from me directly, it comes in a three ring binder with DVDs in insert pages. The Workbook from me is now also 317 pages printed on standard 8.5 by 11 inch pages. The new Writing A Great Script Fast Workbook is now available on Amazon as of 9/9/09.

Click here to buy the new Writing A Great Script Fast Workbook on!

Click Here To Buy DVDs from the Workshop On!

Watch a sample movie below on Storytelling Goals from the new step-by-step "Writing A Great Script Fast" DVD Workshop:


How does this DVD workshop help me to write a script fast?

Follow along with 20 hours of DVD story coaching taking you through a fast and unique step-by-step process for creating a brilliant script or novel. These are high resolution DVD movies guaranteed to work in 95% of DVD TV set top players and 100% of standard Mac/PC computers. You can also now download the entire workshop here. Just fill in your answers to the questions in your WAGSF Workbook to end up with a solid blueprint for any script, story or novel fast.

New! Writing A Great Script Fast Workbook

By Sherri Sheridan

A new version of the Writing A Great Script Fast Workbook is now available at! It is a little longer than the original workbook at 317 pages printed in an 8 x 10 inch book. Some people prefer to use the workbook without the videos to plan their scripts and story structure if price is an issue.

Buy New WAGSF Workbook On!

If you follow along and answer the questions, you will have an almost completely done script at the end of the process! You will need to add a few descriptive sentences and dialogue lines but the basic script will be done using the 20 hour version.

Part of the focus is on using digital microbudget filmmaking techniques to create stories you can make yourself or with a small team for almost no budget!

This DVD Workshop will change the way you think about writing scripts, making films and constructing visual stories with layers of depth, suspense and humor. Learn important visual communication skills you need for the 21st century, with a focus on using digital tools to connect on a human to human emotional level, to deliver your message or story.

Send us an email with the subject line "DVDs" if you have any questions.

Invisible Themes?

Watch a sample movie about how to include invisible themes in your films and stories from the new step-by-step "Writing A Great Script Fast" DVD Workshop:



What's new in this DVD Workshop if I already read the book?

"Writing a Great Script Fast" is based in part on the first four chapters of the book "Developing Digital Short Films" now being used as a textbook at 100's of film and animation schools around the world. If you have read the book here is a list of some of the new things in the DVD Workshop:

• Faster, easier, more simplified step-by-step story engine process with lots of new steps too.

• An all new 317page DVD Workbook is included that lays out all of the new and expanded brainstorming idea lists for each step, charts, questions and worksheets you need to fill in and answer to easily generate a great screenplay, visual story or film idea.

• Expanded brainstorming lists for 100's of techniques found in the book plus new lists and techniques for creating scene reversals, themes, humor, depth, suspense and much more!

• Some of you have found the book to be too dense with information to read. This DVD Workshop features Sherri teaching you the process in the form of a fun animated TV Show! All you need is a pen or pencil and 20 hours to create a great screenplay or visual novel idea.

• The best part of this "Writing A Great Script Fast" Workshop is that after you go through the step-by-step process once, you will automatically think of many of the techniques the next time you go to write a script or story. You can also watch the DVDs again for ideas when you are working on future projects.

If you have any questions about the Workshop please send an email with the subject line "DVD Workshop" so that we know your message is not junk mail.

Examples from these famous films and TV shows are used to explain key concepts:

  • Finding Nemo
  • Apocalypse Now
  • The Sopranos - Season 5
  • Lord Of The Rings
  • The Matrix
  • Star Wars
  • American Beauty
  • Shrek
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Run Lola Run
  • Toy Story
  • The Piano
  • Citizen Kane
  • Southpark
  • Spiderman
  • Saw
  • Memento
  • A History Of Violence
  • 24 - Seasons 1-5
  • Flight Plan
  • Terminal Bar, Transit and many more shorts, features, docs and music videos!

Learn how to use Metaphors and Symbols to tell a visual story in your films from the new step-by-step "Writing A Great Script Fast" DVD Workshop:

Also coming soon Phase 2 featuring a free online digital film school, tutorials, digital microbudget filmmaking articles, educational videos, films, networking, jobs, funding and much more! MyFlik is for people who love great storytelling in films and want to make their own using digital microbudget filmmaking techniques!




"I want to be a filmmaker what should I do?"

I get emails all the time from people who have read Developing Digital Short Films asking what they should do about wanting to be a filmmaker or animator - go to film school or make a film? I tell them to just make the best film you can and use the money you would have spent on film school to pay your expenses, while making the film, or do it part time while working.

Watch Out For Student Loans! Just Make A Great Film

If you need the structure of a class to learn things like software, check with local community colleges for digital arts programs. Community colleges will teach you the same types of skills the private colleges do that charge lots of money in tricky student loan deals. You do not want to come out a two year digital arts program with $70,000 worth of student loans at 5-20% interest to start off your career in debt. Many of these loans from private art schools have lots of penalties and interest rate hikes, for things like a missed payment, that can easily turn a $75,000 loan into $150,000 that cannot be forgiven even in bankruptcies.

Read the new article from CNN "Student Loan Fugitives"

Read the new article from NYT "In Grim Job Market, Student Loans Are a Costly Burden"

New York Times May 28, 2010 "Placing The Blame As Students Are Buried In Debt"

Washington Post June 6, 2010: "Higher Education Bubble About To Burst" This new article talks about the same thing I am telling you here about students loans, and the way the new path is a do it yourself education approach for real world jobs and skills. People who are buying this workshop are now selling scripts, getting million dollar film deals, investors for their films (who want to see a great script first), and getting their films into top festivals. Give me about 20 hours and I will teach you how to tell a visual story millions of people will pay to see. Other people will pay you to write an idea or create the film yourself using no budget filmmaking techniques. Everything is converging right now to make being a filmmaker a viable career path - especially in this job market.

When visiting potential schools keep in the mind that the staff people "helping" you to make a big decision, are actually sales people who's job it is to get you to sign up for a student loan. Media people and companies hire based on great demo reels and the ability to produce professional looking work. Some companies will not even look at your reel if you put a media school on your resume they do not like, or think produces graduates they do not want to hire.

If you want to make other people's films, and have the time and money, you should go to a top notch film school. If you want to write, direct and create your own ideas get this DVD workshop and make a great film fast! Many people who have gone to film school email me saying their school never covered the types of things I talk about in Developing Digital Short Films and how important these things are when actually making the film yourself. Most film schools will leave you in debt to the tune of $40,000 -$100,000 with no film to sell, competing for a very small number of film or animation jobs available each year to graduates. If you were to take this story class from me at the art school I use to teach at on the graduate level, it would cost about $2500 and you would not be getting any DVDs.

You can now make a digital feature film for about $3000 worth of equipment. We will be posting a list of the types of equipment we use soon. To make a feature film even a few years ago you had to come up with $100 per minute just to pay for film stock and processing. DV tapes cost about $4 for 60 minutes. It is very easy to hit the record button on a modern digital video camera, point it at something interesting, capture the footage into your computer, edit and output to DVD in a snap. The hard part is coming up with a great idea or story to shoot. This new DVD workshop will help you to think in a completely new way about creating stories by seeing, hearing, reading and participating in a fun to watch animated TV show storytelling workshop. These DVDs are high resolution full of motion graphics, 3D animation and digital video techniques. They are guaranteed to work in 95% of DVD set top players and 100% of standard Mac and PC computers.

All of the new techniques presented in "Writing A Great Script Fast" are designed to help you think like a professional visual storyteller, while deepening your film idea and making it more emotionally engaging. This will make you more enthusiastic about getting your film project into production, while attracting top investors and talent. It also works great for rewriting existing screenplays or getting ideas on how to fix problem films already in production.


Writing A Great Script Fast is not a film theory workshop. This class is designed to get you into motion and excited about creating your dream film projects now!


You do not need to have read the book "Developing Digital Short Films" to benefit from this workshop. "Writing A Great Script Fast" has been specifically designed to be a complete and simplified screenwriting process. If you have read the book, or are in the middle of doing the step-by-step process, this workshop will speed up your progress and deepen your understanding of creating digitally enhanced scripts and visual storytelling techniques. Click here to read what other people are saying about using the step-by-step process presented in the book.

What went into Writing A Great Script Fast?

Below is a list of resources I have used over the years to come up with my unique step-by-step story process. The best ideas and visual narrative techniques were harvested from these sources and folded into a simple step-by-step process for writing a great script or story fast:

1) Aristotle's Poetics

2) The Art Of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri

3) Writing Screenplays That Sell by Michael Hauge

4) Creating Unforgettable Characters by Linda Seger

5) Making a Good Script Great by Linda Seger

6) Story by Robert McKee

7) Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

8) The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

9) Screenplay by Syd Field

10) The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

11) The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler

12) All of Michael Dougan's screenwriting classes at FAF in SF

13) Computers As Theatre by Brenda Laurel

14) Adventures In The Screen Trade by William Goldman

15) The Illusion Of Life by Frank Thompson and Ollie Johnson

16) The Bare Bones Camera Book

17) Writing Short Films by Linda Cowgill

18) Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect by Johnson

19) Making A Good Writer Great by Linda Seger

20) 101 Things They Don't Teach You In Filmschool

21) In The Blink Of An Eye by Walter Murch

22) Deconstructing 100's of films and stories

There were other sources too but these above are the main ones. A great deal of time was spent weeding out information that was interesting but not very useful for writing scripts. I then went and deconstructed 100's of films, TV shows, animations, myths and stories to find out how they really worked. All of this information was folded into the step-by-step process that has now been used by 1000's of people and continually refined over the last 10 years through much research, trial and error.

When writing a script or a novel it is very easy to get lost, run out of steam or find yourself with a great idea that is missing something you cannot quite put your finger on but can feel it lacking. By going through this story building process you will fill out your idea in layers that play together like instruments in an orchestra.

This step-by-step story engine process allows you try out 1000's of basic storytelling techniques at least once, while weaving together a great original tale. And the best part is that the next time you go to think up another story idea, you will remember many of the step-by-step techniques to help you craft great ideas fast for the rest of your life.

Think of this workshop as a universal storytelling blueprint engine. You can throw any idea at it and walk away with a brilliant script idea in about 20 hours. Now how fun is this creative possibility if you are a writer or filmmaker?


"A need to tell and hear stories is essential to the species Homo sapiens--second in necessity apparently after nourishment and before love and shelter. Millions survive without love or home, almost none in silence; the opposite of silence leads quickly to narrative, and the sound of story is the dominant sound of our lives, from the small accounts of our day's events to the vast incommunicable constructs of psychopaths."

-Reynolds Price


"Writing A Great Script Fast" is an ideal gift for:

  • Digital filmmakers
  • Independent filmmakers writing scripts
  • Screenwriters
  • Animators - both traditional and modern computer animators
  • Filmmaking students
  • Creative writing students
  • Career Change Filmmakers - Recently Unemployed? Make a film to sell!
  • Music video artists developing film ideas
  • Students now in classes using the book "Developing Digital Short Films" who would rather watch a video about the book than read the whole thing
  • Schools who do not have anyone to teach a screenwriting or digital preproduction class may use the DVD Workshop with the book and Workbooks to teach a virtual class
  • Directed or independent study students working on film or new media final or thesis projects who need guidance on planning out their story ideas and writing scripts
  • Novelists who need help planning out their stories
  • Independent filmmaking groups who want to use the DVD Workshop to teach screenwriting and preproduction to members with the Workbooks
  • People who have access to a DV camera and want to make a film one day but do not know where to start or how to write a script
  • School libraries that would like a copy of the DVD Workshop for students to check out on loan to help supplement coursework materials
  • Homeschooling DVD class for teaching visual storytelling, screenwriting and digital filmmaking
  • People thinking about writing their life story or the history of a family member
  • Game Designers or Developers creating emotionally engaging interactive stories or games
  • Creative people or kids with ADD thrive in this DVD class structure
  • Road trip car DVD workshop to create a great film or story idea
  • School systems looking for a video server based digital story class solution
  • A wonderful gift idea for any budding filmmaker, writer or visual artist!

Give the gift of story structure! These DVDs are a great resource for people interested in filmmaking or storytelling who do not usually read books but like watching educational TV shows. A useful tool for anyone interested in telling visual stories with their work! Use the techniques presented in this DVD workshop to get your feature film funded and in production at "Your Online Movie Studio."™

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"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds; Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be."

- Patanjali



Based on "Developing Digital Short Films" now being used as a textbook in 1000's of schools around the world!

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