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Writing A Great Script Fast In A Nutshell

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Step 3: Brainstorming For Characters:

List 5 possible main characters for a film you would love to see in a story. Attach an age, sex, location, occupation, visual style and dreamcast with a favorite actor. Make sure these are characters you would love to see in a film. Use the brainstorming lists below to get more ideas to fill into this example chart:

Body Type
Visual Style
Dog head detective
Nicolas Cage
Mt Shasta
New Age
Angelina Jolie

Tall blond athletic

High tech explorer
Peter Weller
Skinny NYC Party Girl

shock performance artist

Hip NYC artist

Naomi Watts

Polar bear
Intuit Indian
Owen Wilson

Occupational Ideas: Pick ones that seem fun visually or match characters you might want to develop. Feel free to combine occupations such as a Circus Clown Professional Surfer, Matchmaker Wizard or a Tour Guide Astronaut.

Astronaut Musician Professional soccer player Talk-show host Dictator
Hunter Housewife Fashion designer Cowboy

Professional Surfer

Bum Student Circus clown Cook Matchmaker
Wizard Researcher Tour guide Shaman Slave
Belly dancer Sheriff Spaceship commander Teacher Reporter
Soldier Psychiatrist Gangster Guru Hairdresser
Poet Witchdoctor Magician Construction worker Burglar
Stockbroker Government employee Investment banker Novelist Pirate
Policeman Lifeguard Hands-on healer Computer programmer Game designer
Butler Astrologer Advertising executive Astronomer Accountant
Car thief Knight King/Queen Clerk Mailman
Fireman Hit man Retired Archeologist Chemist Congressman
Cartoonist Model Clown Comedian Wrestler
Veterinarian Priest Detective Dentist Doctor
Witch Lawyer Artist Plumber DJ/VJ
Student Mortician Vagabond Warrior Editor
Explorer Fisherman Fortune teller Politician Engineer
Landscaper Actor Racecar driver Painter President

Visual Styles/Attitudes: What one or two words would best describe the appearance of your character style wise?

French Chic Hippie Student
Punk Biker Trucker
Goth 1950's Cocktail Hour Techno
Yuppie Small Town Native Indian
Country Beachy Four Seasons
New Age Nerd Hot
Nervous Servant Dad
Old Money Bookish Dirty


Dreamcasting: Attach a famous actor to dreamcast your main character idea. Feel free to change their real ages or even use dead ones to describe their essence. If you are thinking about an animated character dreamcast for the voice actor.

Female Actors:

Angelina Jolie Drew Barrymoore
Meryl Streep Marilyn Monroe
Lucille Ball Angela Lansbury
Elizabeth Taylor Dolly Parton
Nicole Kidman Kathy Bates
Cameron Diaz Sissy Spacek
Halle Berry Diane Lane
Reese Witherspoon Shirley MacLaine
Angelica Huston Jodie Foster
Kate Winslet Julia Roberts
Jennifer Lopez Parker Posey
Catherine Zeta Jones Kate Hudson
Gwyneth Paltrow Whoopie Goldberg
Sandra Bullock Uma Thurman
Claire Danes Goldie Hawn
Naomi Watts Sigourney Weaver
Oprah Winfrey Kristen Dunst

Male Actors:

Jack Nicholson Samuel L. Jackson
Anthony Hopkins Harrison Ford
Jeff Goldblum Christopher Walken
Ben Affleck Val Kilmer
Bruce Lee Sean Penn
Billy Bob Thornton Nicholas Cage
Richard Gere Clint Eastwood
Ed Harris Kevin Costner
Jackie Chan Tom Cruise
Robin Williams Billy Crystal
Keanu Reeves Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bruce Willis Michael Douglas
Leonardo DeCaprio Matthew McConaughey
Tom Hanks Denzel Washington
James Woods Edward Norto
Brad Pitt Owen Wilson
John Travolta Ryan Gosling

Make sure your Top 5 Possible Leading Character Ideas are ones you would love to see in a story!

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